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Palutena's Pizza Feast! by RabnadSkubla Palutena's Pizza Feast! :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 5 2
Palutena's Ice Cream Dinner
On a beautiful summer night, Palutena and I are traveling around town in my car, looking for a place to eat.
We drive by a large colorful building, decorated with ice cream cones.
Palutena stares at the building with excited eyes. "let's go to that cute little ice cream place!"
"Why do you want to eat ice cream for dinner?" I ask her.
"I don't really know." She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm just hungry for ice cream, that's all."
"How hungry are you?" I ask her.
"How hungry do you want me to be?" Palutena gives me a sexy look.
"I want you to be very hungry!" I reply.
Palutena kisses me on the cheek. "I knew you would say that."
I immediately turn the car around and drive to the ice cream place.
"We're here," I say.
After finding a place to park, I park the car and enter the ice cream restaurant.
Inside we find an assortment of tasty, creamy confections, all ready to be eaten.
Palutena points to a huge chocolate caramel cheesecake sundae.
"I want to try that one!" she says.
"You want to tr
:iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 7 138
Elesa loves her Castelia Cones! by RabnadSkubla Elesa loves her Castelia Cones! :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 0 0 Palutena's Tasty Thanksgiving Feast by RabnadSkubla Palutena's Tasty Thanksgiving Feast :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 3 10 Olivia's Valentines Day Cake Stuffing by RabnadSkubla Olivia's Valentines Day Cake Stuffing :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 10 833 Rosalina's Sexy Starbit Stuffing by RabnadSkubla Rosalina's Sexy Starbit Stuffing :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 4 3 Palutena's Bikini Beach Stuffing by RabnadSkubla Palutena's Bikini Beach Stuffing :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 13 6 Miiverse Bikni Weekend - Palutena by RabnadSkubla Miiverse Bikni Weekend - Palutena :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 2 14 FE: Awakening - Sumia Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Sumia Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 9 0 FE: Awakening - Gaius Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Gaius Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 11 4 FE: Awakening - Maribelle Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Maribelle Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 8 4 FE: Awakening - Virion Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Virion Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 13 0 FE: Awakening - Lissa Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Lissa Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 7 0 FE: Awakening - Lucina Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Lucina Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 17 2 FE: Awakening - Chrom Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Chrom Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 24 2 FE: Awakening - Female Robin Expressions Template by RabnadSkubla FE: Awakening - Female Robin Expressions Template :iconrabnadskubla:RabnadSkubla 17 6


Story Time
Well :iconkiro-kurusu: inspired me a bit with his Journal
So Fumi decides to tell you her Deviant art Story as well.
It all began in 2012, the year where my Drawings looked like spagetti.XD

Damn a lot has Changed.
My real life friend :iconkuraiko-Amiki: first introduced me to this side and also to a lot of Games i like.
She also recommended me to :iconn1kaj::iconhagyr::iconsayukioukami::iconknuffl: which are awesome artist and I am glad to be friends with them.
First I was so overwhelmed by all these amazing artists that are her and i thought I could never talk
to them on the same wave length, but i realised that all amazing artists are only human as well and I am glad i could talk to them.
Together we also founded a Group :iconhakusafu-fc:.
After I started Sonic style some time later

And I was dragged into a whole new community.
I met the best squad ever, which i talked a lot through skype with:
:iconfumikomiyasaki:FumikoMiyasaki 7 63
Spooky Update
Hey, how are you guys doing?
Just wanted to tell you guys how I've been doing and
why I take so long with uploading something. T.T
Anyway this week I have work everyday,
I enjoy it, but I fell on monday down the stairs.
So my right foot still hurts a bit.
Also I got a lot of unlucky situations which made
yesterday a hard day.
I think today is more enjoyable,
And i am glad I always get the support and
the Happiness from a lot of you guys.
I wish i would be more active so I can thank everyone all the time,
but well real life keeps me pretty busy.
Anyway next will be another thing to RWBY,
maybe I also do after that some RWBY villians.
But in between I do a Halloween picture ( Yeah smashoween was only the beginning)
and I have to draw my witch, Haru again.
(For you guys who don't know here, I got her as an adopt from :iconmilchwoman: : )

Pretty old Picture, right?
Anyway I also work on my fire emblem fan game and I got the side charackters and their missions
:iconfumikomiyasaki:FumikoMiyasaki 2 85
Palutena by Shablagooo
Mature content
Palutena :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 1,446 132
Palutena Pinup by ZeroMomentai
Mature content
Palutena Pinup :iconzeromomentai:ZeroMomentai 681 15
Morrigan Aensland by OverlordZeon Morrigan Aensland :iconoverlordzeon:OverlordZeon 363 22 Camilla by josue171295 Camilla :iconjosue171295:josue171295 35 1 Palutena by josue171295
Mature content
Palutena :iconjosue171295:josue171295 107 3
MH4U Gore Malaga Palico Armor by josue171295 MH4U Gore Malaga Palico Armor :iconjosue171295:josue171295 1 0 Akagi office lady by mikeysukairain Akagi office lady :iconmikeysukairain:mikeysukairain 23 3 Rival appearance! by mikeysukairain Rival appearance! :iconmikeysukairain:mikeysukairain 31 7
Prose That Blows - Thanksgiving stuff-prise
“It’s Thanksgiving Day!” Hannah excitedly yelled on this Thanksgiving morning, she then thought about all the food ready to be eaten. Then her roommate McKayla burst her bubble saying “Thanksgiving is historically, been a celebration of the blessings of the (agricultural) year, including harvesting”. But Hannah made a comeback by saying to her “the time of year when we eat everything we grow”, McKayla responded “well it’s your opinion”.
Hannah was 5’5”, had black hair and blue eyes, was a bit chubby and wore glasses for show. Mckayla on the other hand was an inch shorter, has auburn hair and green eyes, and more lithe than Hannah. The two then got started by eating their breakfast consisting of Breakfast burritos with Turkey bacon in it, and Orange juice. Then they went outside to their local church and then they gave a few dollars of charity, then Hannah and McKayla returned home just in time to catch the
:icontysaylor141:Tysaylor141 14 3
Hannah's late night stuffing.
"Shhh!" Hannah said as her hand sank into her pudgy stomach. It grumbled loudly and angrily. "Fine....I'll feed you" she said while getting up from bed. She slowly walked down the stairs, her feet dragging across the floor. She made it to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator, she pulled out a gallon of milk and a chocolate cake. Setting them on the table, she felt her stomach grumble again. She rubbed it while holding up a slice to her lips. Taking a bite she let out a satisfying moan. One slice turned into another then another. "Burp! -hic-" herbelly rested on her lap. "Sooo -hic- full...." She rubbed her belly, debating wether or not to drink the milk. Before she knew it she was gulping down the gallon, her belly growing after each gulp. A little milk stream ran down her chin. "Oh.... -hic- gonna pop...." Her belly pressing into the table now. Her hands rubbed it as it churned. "What do we have here?"
To be continued???
:iconilovebellyrubs:ilovebellyrubs 6 2
Little Lights in a Little Dark Alley by Augustusalex Little Lights in a Little Dark Alley :iconaugustusalex:Augustusalex 28 3 Natsume Rin by KuroGospel Natsume Rin :iconkurogospel:KuroGospel 1 0
why is there no hentai for this fetish?
ive always wonder this about the weight gain/inflation fetish. there are many hentai anime out there with any diffrent fetishes but not the one i  fond of.  there are some that kinda are but not really. i get there are websites with women literally doing this online but im talking in animated form were it can really grow and the sounds would be there as well. there should be a hentai out there that a girl eats aton of food and havea very large belly animated in episode form dammit. we got tentical hentai and women with groins but not this particular fetish. its just frusterating to me is all. maybe thats why i draw my own stuff to have something out there for people who enjoy this fetish.
justwanted do getthis out of my chest hope you all understand.
:iconcrimsonlantern11:CrimsonLantern11 3 7



Here is a collection of my custom emoticons!



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a Nintendo gamer, who owns a D.S, Wii, 3DS and WiiU.

I am a Christian.

I love Pokemon, I like both the Anime and the games, I even have a plush of Jirachi!
Ghost type is my favorite type!
I have Pokemon X, so if anyone would like to battle or trade, contact me.

I also have Mariokart 7 and Kid Icarus Uprising as multiplayerable games.

I like Fanfics and art of my favorite Video Game characters, especially girls.

I am a Vocaloid fan and Miku is my favorite one!

I like to watch videos on youtube, mostly gaming videos,
I have a youtube account. RABNDSKUBLA

I am a decent artist and will post pictures of both meme images and custom Video Game art!

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Poor Palutena :( by RosalinasSoulmate
Palutena SSBWiiU Stamp by NatouMJSonic
Palutena Alight! by GameAndWill
Pit X Palutena Stamp by Sunnyme60
Palutena's NOT a Punching Bag by RosalinasSoulmate
SSB Palutena Stamp by Knightmare-Moon

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